I have had a blog before but it never worked out.  I felt restricted by the format but this seems different.

Who am I?  I am a Baby Boom woman, originally from the Midwest.  I still speak with a Midwestern accent, despite 40 years in New England.

I identify with the literary character Uriah Heep, because, like many blue-collar kids of my generation, I was told to stay humble . . . and more.  I had in mind becoming Jo March but just think how many girls did then.

I am concerned about the environment, about education, about the current election and more.

I am a grandmother, about to face Social inSecurity.  I am critical of the program but not in the way the right is.  I think it is insane that Social Security is not just as slight as it is, but that recipients must pay taxes on their benefits, out of which they must pay for Medicare. They must also pay for insurance, which is an extremely profitable industry.

Once I pay real estate taxes, Medicare, auto and homeowners insurances for a total of $7,275 +/- per annum, I will have $4,500 +/- for food, utilities, car maintenance and gas.

But, enough cheer!

I love live theatre.  I love to read.  The irony about the last statement is that during the 6 years I taught at the college level, I practically had to push all reading aside.  I love nature and would have a garden with bees and chickens if I could but I can’t afford the seeds.  I would like to travel but gave up for financial reasons long ago.  And, guess what?  I am not certain how safe I would feel, flying to England or France these days, even if I could afford it.

It is a sunny day and I am going to take a walk!

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