NAFTA and trump

The last piece I heard on NPR’s Morning Edition today was Carrie Kahn’s on Mexico and US being set to renegotiate NAFTA.

I remember when NAFTA was passed in the nineties, that much was made of the size of the bill. It was over 1,000 pages long.

The complaint then was not only was that bill too long and cumbersome but that all bills were becoming too long, too involved.

My own image is of the cartoon hay wagon or of the Joads’ car, piled high with the goods to take to California.

Trump — whose book The Art of the Deal was ghosted — thinks he can renegotiate NAFTA. His first few days in office have shown that for a “businessman,” he is ignorant of trade.

He has no idea what is in it because objections then to NAFTA were that no one could read it.

Trump evidences being able to read only on the fifth grade level. I am not alone is that estimate and I thought that before satirist Samantha Bee raised the matter.

I should not be the only person raising these points. I imagine professors at the Kennedy School of Government and at Harvard’s B School are close to apoplexy.

I did a little quick research on NAFTA this morning.

The idea originated “with ronald reagan.” NAFTA was a pet project of the Heritage Foundation. More republicans supported it than democrats.

So, while trump bullied Bill Clinton for signing the bill, and Clinton did say NAFTA was a beginning, He wished to reach out to nations in South America.

Our juggernaut in the WH then has no idea what it means to negotiate or renegotiate. He does not understand that NAFTA was not a unilateral agreement and that all the signatories might have to agree with what he imagines he will re-negotiate. He has not, will not and, more importantly, CAN NOT read the original agreement.

His knowledge of trade is slight. His knowledge of government is more slender still. His knowledge of bullying is vast. The one thing he understands is that millions of people are as much in the dark as he is. He used them.

On the Third Day of his Presidency, Trump Sent to Us . . .

yet another lie.


How can the lies continue to stand and how can the evidence of delusion continue to be ignored?

Trump, so far, has lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration and Time magazine covers; about illegal immigrants voting for Hillary, and about environmental awards.

The first lie was the CIA which should — if the CIA is what it is rumored to be — have known better. The second was to Congress, but, hey, we know how easily Congress can be bought, so he gets a pass on that one. The third is an exaggeration as one of his golf courses received an environmental award a decade ago.

There are people “making long fingers” at the democrats and the left for “not courting” the working class, but, I think trump and the sycophants with which he surrounds himself exploited and abused the working class. Some of those people blaming the left and the democrats are academics and people who call themselves liberals.

This election was irrational. Consider that this is a man who brags about his Versailles-like apartment. Add to that his first act as president which is to make it more difficult for his followers to purchase homes.

Consider that among the rambling, nearly incoherent sentences spoken at his declaration of candidacy to a claque in his own building was, “I am rich.” Right. If I were a coal miner or a laid off factory worker, I would want to vote for someone who brags about what he has and then a few weeks later says that wages are too high.

Then there is kellyanne. The republicans brag that she is the first woman to have masterminded a successful presidential campaign. She was the third person helming that campaign. Rumor has it that the trump kids — or at least the three that he is willing to bother with — are said to have wanted corey lewandowski out because he was becoming too intimate with their father.

Now, kellyanne complains that suspicious packages are being sent to her. Well, those packages probably contain conditioner, a hair product she seems to be unfamiliar with.

The media, kellyanne, is not portraying you badly. When you speak to legitimate news people in your artificial voice meant to control and annoy, when you lie faster than a speeding bullet, when you use ridiculous phrases like “alternative facts,” you portray yourself as a person without morals, without standards, without truth.

Like your boss, you should not expect respect.