Donald Trump, Part Three

The point has been made¬†that the opinions of white men do not ¬†matter less but that the opinions of others are — if not rising in importance — being heard more often.

However, I think donald trump is amazingly out of step with who and what America is in terms of remaining relevant in the 21st C. He is a relic from the 1950s, someone who obviously did not participate in the actions, philosophies and contributions his generation made . . . and, without him, will continue to make.

Racist, xenophobic, sexist and immature, trump behaves more like the dark underbelly of the Brokaw’s greatest generation, the people who fought to rescue the world from fascism but came home to work to keep blacks in their place.

However, I do not think Bernie acted out of hubris when he accepted trump’s challenge. Sure, the scenario does sound like a challenge to a duel because it is. I think we should learn from Bernie’s impulse: trump needs to be challenged. He is an empty suit without ideas, education or intelligence.